Agnew to Exit Congressional Race

The last 7 months of creating conversations in the community has been an amazing experience! Though I got an up-close look at how broken and partisan our political system is, I also got a powerful reminder of how good people can be, and the power of building community. I had hundreds of conversations that started with a simple question: “What issues are most important to you, and why?” From all of those I will take away a simple but impactful lesson: though we are all unique, the things we hope and dream for our families are really not that different.

That is why it is, with mixed emotions, I am suspending my Congressional campaign effective immediately. Ultimately, I had to take an honest assessment of where we were at in the campaign and recognized that my message could not compete against the big money pouring in to support career politicians. Though I am sad that we cannot see this effort through to the election, I am extremely proud of the work we did and the message we stood for.

To all who stood with me and our message, thank you. I can’t put into words just how much your support has meant to me. Part of me feels like I have let you down, but mostly I am hopeful for the future. Because even though we are ending this campaign, the work we will continue to do together to end political extremism and make politics work for people again has just begun. I hope that you will continue to stand with me for Country Over Party.”