Brick by Brick

How do we make real change?

Change doesn't happen overnight. It is a slow tedious process.

You create a goal, set it in the nights sky like the north star to guide you. You gaze upon it until until you fall asleep, dream about it all night.

You wake early, before then sun, and commit to the work ahead.

You work tirelessly. Even when it's hard. Even when you don't feel like it.

You just keep building on that dream. Day by day, brick by brick.

The work of setting bricks isn't glamorous, it's hard. But there is something about it that attracts others. Inspired, they will work along side you. Now it isn't just your dream, but our dream.

So you build together. Day by day, brick by brick. 

The work we are doing to stand for Country Over Party, to break through our partisan gridlock in Congress, it's hard work. Just know that every day, I'm working to build a better future for your children and mine. Let's build together.

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