Flipping the 5th from Red to Purple... or, Burgundy

I had an interview with Spokane Public radio, where I talked about Flipping the Washington 5th District "purple" (Independent). You can listen to that interview here

The 5th District that makes up Eastern Washington is proud, wonderful mix of Conservatives and Progressives! Each point of view cares about our community deeply, just with a different world view. Together, we make up an amazing place to live!  

In my interview, I probably should have said that we are going to flip the 5th district to burgundy. When choosing the logo for my campaign, I picked a color that was 60% red and 40% blue, just like our district. That color happens to a beautiful burgundy.

The reason that I wanted that color is because that is how I will represent people. It is frustrating for progressives to have a Republican representative, and frustrating for conservatives to have a Democrat representative. So why not have a representative that stands for people instead of a party?

That's why I stand for Country over Party, so that your needs are represented no mater what your political leaning.

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