Freeman High School Shooting

My heart breaks that a young man lost his life today at Freeman High School. As a father of three school age children, it was terrifying to receive the call that their schools were on lockdown. I can only imagine how scared the kids inside Freeman were at that moment. Thank you to all the first responders and school officials who reacted quickly to prevent further loss of life and comfort our young people. To all the families impacted, know that our entire community stands beside you right now. To the young man who confronted the shooter and lost his life, your selfless bravery will not be forgotten.

Today, we hug our children longer and tighter.

Tomorrow, we stand up together and get to work fixing this issue once and for all.

Out of respect for our families impacted, I am adjusting my previously scheduled town hall event. Instead of focusing on the campaign, we will still gather but with the sole purpose of standing together to honor the life that was lost and show support for their family, as well as to stand together in unity for safe schools everywhere. We invite the community to join us on Thursday, September 14th, at the Iron Goat Brewery from 5-8pm, to discuss steps which we can take to prevent tragedies such as this from happening in the in the future. In lieu of accepting campaign donations at this event, we will instead be encouraging attendees to make a donation to any memorial fund for the family.

I am also asking our community leaders to stand with me in taking meaningful action on this issue. Our brave first responders reacted swiftly and efficiently, as always, but we should aspire to lead the change towards becoming a nation without school shootings. I will be calling upon our local law enforcement, school administrations and city officials to discuss this and create a plan of action detailing what is necessary to solve this issue, not just for our community but for kids everywhere. After that, the real work of change begins at the city, state and federal levels.

School shootings are far to common of an occurrence. It is never ok when this happens, anywhere, but today it happened in our city, to our kids. May our hearts be moved to tears, but let our feet be moved to action. Now is time for us to come together and say, ‘Enough is enough. Not another student murdered. Not here, not anywhere.’

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