How to Hack Congress

This past weekend, Chuck Todd made a declaration on Meet The Press which many American’s whole-heartily agree with: “With all this gridlock, maybe it is time for more independent lawmakers.” Then he went on to describe how we can hack congress in order to break this partisan paralysis.

This is a strategy that The Centrist Project calls the “Fulcrum Strategy.” Todd illustrates it perfectly when he says, “Imagine: if you could deny both McConnell and Schumer the number 50 in the Senate, those 3-4 independents could become the most powerful bloc and force compromise.”

With all this gridlock, maybe it is time for more independent lawmakers.
— Chuck Todd, Meet The Press

That is exactly what we can do in the House as well! If no party has an outright majority because we chose to elect a few independent officials, then neither side gets to be the bully in power, and every representative is forced into a situation where partisan collaboration is the only option available to pass legislation. Even just a single Independent in the House of Representatives, with massive representation from 217 Republicans and 217 Democrats, would mean the end to partisan gridlock. Imagine a scenario where neither party could ram through an partisan piece of legislation, like the way Conservatives felt about ACA/Obamacare previously, or the way that all of us felt about the AHCA/Trumpcare bill that Cathy McMorris-Rodgers forced on us.

Isn’t bipartisan collaboration a better, healthier way for our legislative branch to work? The answer then is to elect an Independent Representative.

I just happen to know one of those running in our district...

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