Everything Rises and Falls On Leadership

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On the day of our launch I received a tweet from the Chair of the Spokane County Republican Party. If you remove the underlying tone and doubt, it’s actually a really good question! “Pray tell, how will you bring two vastly different ideologies together?” I included that twitter thread at the bottom of this post.

My answer boils down to one word: Leadership.

As John Maxwell says, “everything rises and falls on leadership.” Getting people to work together is only difficult in the absence of authentic leadership. If you want to look at why the parties have fallen to a place of partisan divide then you need to look no further than to their leaders. Those are the ones to hold accountable.

Everything rises and falls on leadership.
— John Maxwell

The issues is not that you have a neighbor who sees the world in a slightly different way than you do. The issue of “vastly different ideologies” does not come from the people so much as it does the parties, who have moved to such extremes on both sides of the spectrum. In fact, the majority of Americans don’t feel that either of the parties fit them anymore, and would gladly work side by side with others to move our country forward. We do so everyday in our businesses, schools, communities and homes. It’s only our politicians who want to keep us divided, because doing so is what keeps them in power.

Everything rises and falls on leadership. It is like the fiery heat needed to lift and keep a hot air balloon into the sky. If you want to see our country rise up and work together again, then elect leaders who work for people, not politicians who work for parties.

Join me in bringing authentic leadership back to Washington DC.


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