Agnew Welcomes Brown to Congressional Race

In an announcement that surprised nobody, former Washington State Senator and WSU Chancellor, Lisa Brown, announced her candidacy for Congress. The Spokesman-Review nailed it when they shared the news on Facebook, stating that "Lisa Brown spilled what may have been the worst kept secret in Washington politics." Though it has been no secret that she has been running for some time, we've know that today was her announcement day for a month. Here is our press release which we sent out at 6:17am this morning.



Liberty Lake, WA -   Eric Agnew, Independent Congressional candidate, would like to officially welcome Lisa Brown to the Washington 5th Congressional District race. “Ms. Brown has an impressive resume from her 16 years in the Washington state senate, as well as from her experience in higher education. Her presence in the race elevates the discussion and I look forward to her being a part of the conversation now.  We have been awaiting this announcement, as she has been quietly campaigning, gathering support from big money donors and special interest groups for well over 6 months now. I am glad to see her campaign now become public.”

Agnew goes on to point out, “I respect her heart for public service, but my concern with Ms. Brown is the same as it would be for any candidate that comes from the political establishment: money. Public records show that in her 2012 election, Ms. Brown accepted 84% of her campaign contributions from sources outside her legislative district, and 50% of her funding came from special interests, PACs, unions, businesses and lobbyists. This might be great for funding a campaign, but I think it is a huge problem with our political system. Big money runs politics and politicians, and that is why I’m standing against it and supporting campaign finance reform, including for Citizen’s United to be overturned.” He goes on to state that, “When it comes to campaign financing, Ms. Brown and Congresswoman McMorris-Rodgers are no different. Same ice cream, different cone.”

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CORRECTION: A error was made in our original statement, which has been corrected above. Due to a typo, we stated that 70% of her 2012 campaign funds came from special interests, when it was actually 50%. Our apologies for the mistake.