Agnew Responds to Sutherland Exit from the Race

Liberty Lake, WA - Congressional candidate Eric Agnew responds to Matthew Sutherland’s exit from the race. “I am sorry to see Matthew leave the race, I enjoyed the enthusiasm that he brought to his campaign. I wish him the best as he seeks to serve in a different capacity. Since all evidence leads me to believe that Congresswoman McMorris-Rodgers will not be seeking re-election, I look forward to continuing the campaign with Dr. Lisa Brown.” Agnew goes on to state, “I am now the only candidate running a true grassroots campaign, from the bottom up, without the assistance of any special interests or big money. I am hosting monthly events and doorbelling weekly to meet with the great citizens of Eastern Washington directly. As of now, I am also the only candidate to clearly share my platform and my values on my website, which I continue to build upon weekly.”