Agnew Responds to Tax Reform Vote

Liberty Lake, WA - Eric Agnew has issued the following response to the tax reform vote today:

“Americans want tax reform and to keep more of their hard earned money. The majority of citizens, however, have been abundantly clear that they did not support this particular plan, myself included. The reason for this is clear: Cathy McMorris-Rodgers and the GOP leadership set out to reform the tax laws impacting all Americans without listening to any of them outside their partisan vacuum. The result is a plan too heavily weighted in favor of the wealthy and corporations, which doesn’t do enough for the working middle class in Eastern Washington, and puts our country at risk as it balloons our national debt.

It’s incredibly telling that for Congresswoman McMorris-Rodgers this “once in a generation opportunity” did not merit holding a town hall meeting to hear from her constituents. In order to create a tax plan that works for Eastern Washington families, our Congresswoman would have had to come out and speak with Eastern Washington families. She failed to do that.

This was a missed opportunity. If the GOP leadership had setout to reach across the aisle and create a bipartisan tax plan, focused on both growing the economy while also addressing issues of income inequality, it would have been applauded by conservatives and progressives alike. That’s how a true leader would have approached this issue.

Eastern Washington deserves better than partisan politics. It’s time to put country over party, and as the next Congressman of Eastern Washington that is exactly what I’ll do.”