Roaming Yogis

Everyday on the campaign trail reminds me of one inalienable truth: people are amazing! My reminder of this today is Mandi Anderson.


I was at a Spokane Young Professionals meeting and met Mandi. Over a nice long chat, I was blown away by her story as I began getting to know her.

Mandi is currently recovering from her second bout with cancer. She is also an entrepreneur preparing the launch of a new business, Roaming Yogis.

I found this combination remarkable! There was no feeling bad for herself, only a zest for life. She has such a positive, encouraging spirit, that our short conversation left me impressed and inspired.

The idea behind Roaming Yogis is that she and her business partner will travel throughout the area, hosting yoga classes on-site at other local businesses. This is a benefit that can be enjoyed by the employees, but also promotes those other businesses and brings in new business to their establishments. I love the ingenuity and passion behind the idea, and hope that you will support them along on their journey by following their Facebook page. If you are a local business that might want to partner with Roaming Yogis for an event, please reach out to them.

Keep being awesome, Eastern Washington. You continually amaze me!


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