Spokane Centrists

There is a wonderful national organization called the Centrist Project, which is dedicated to breaking through extreme partisan politics by working to get Centrist Independents elected. I am thrilled that a local chapter of the Centrist Project has been launched! 

I encourage you to follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and to get involved with their activities.

This is a group that encourages discussion between those who align on different sides of the political aisle. It works to reverse the trend of extremism and tribalism, and promotes collaboration and consensus-building to create common-sense legislation.

Imagine what a different Tax Reform debate we would be having in Congress right now if neither party had an outright majority. Just a few Centrist Independents in the Senate would ensure that both parties needed to come to consensus, and that any bill that passed would have to be common-sensed, grounded in facts, and work on behalf of the American people.

What a concept!

...sounds a lot like the way we intended our democracy to work.

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