What's in a logo?

What’s in a logo? Well, when it comes to mine (and that of our current Representative, too), quite a lot!

Branding plays a critical piece of telling the world your story. When my team started working on the Agnew for Washington logo, I wanted to bring some thoughtful intention to the design to ensure it represented what I and Eastern Washington truly stand for. Here are some details behind four of its elements:

1.       Washington – First and foremost, we stand for the people in the state of Washington, so reflecting the shape of our state was a must. This seems like a fairly obvious requirement at first, but note that I am the only candidate in the race whose logo reflects this as a top priority. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ logo, on the other hand, is simply her name. It is literally all about her, not you. Consider our campaign names as well: "Agnew for Washington" means we stand with you, whereas the "Cathy for Congress" campaign puts her first and the the position of power she clings to second, but never focuses on you. We don’t stand for the big money of big businesses, nor for the pursuit of power, but for the people of our great state.


Logo Comparison 

2.       Eastern – The “E” ties to “Eric” but for us it also represent “Eastern” Washington. Our district is special and has unique needs compared to the rest of the state! We have everything from the second largest city in the state, Spokane, to dozens of agricultural based rural communities, and everything in between.

3.       Burgundy – The burgundy color we selected is 60% red and 40% blue, similar to how we normally vote. With this mix of conservative and progressive interests, it is imperative that our representative stand for all these voices. If our current representatives logo, it literally places red above blue (Republican above Democrat), and this is a perfect reflection of her voting record. It’s simply unacceptable that a representative is elected to represent a district of diverse needs, then chooses to only stand for their party instead of all people. I am the only candidate who is not beholden to a party and who only wants to work for you.

4.        3 Stars - These represent the words from the Gettysburg address that we are standing for: “Of the people, by the people, for the people.” Those were written during the Civil War, and though we are not fighting ourselves with bullets, the parties have waged a civil war of ideologies against each other. While they continue to squabble amongst themselves, we the people will come together to return our system to a place where it works with sanity and purpose again.


As you can see, a logo can have a lot of meaning behind it. Know that as your Representative I will work everyday with the same intentional purposefulness on each and everything I do on your behalf. Together, we will move our country forward again.

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