Why am I running for Congress?

In my press release I commented that “At some point everyday, I inevitably end up saying to myself, ‘This isn’t right. This isn’t what democracy looks like!’ I said that enough days in a row that I knew I had to stand up and fight for our citizens and for what is right.” I wanted to fill in some color on that, to tell you more about why I’m running.

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My oldest children are 14 and 12, and like so many other parents I had to navigate them through the 2016 Presidential election, what was at the time the apex of ugly partisan politics. Together we watched both the Republican and Democratic national conventions, as well as all of the debates. I would ask them questions like, “What did you just hear them say?” and they’d reply, “They’re just blaming the other person but not saying anything about how to fix it.” We watched the debates and I would ask them, “Do you think those two parties can work together to fix big problems?” to which they scoffed, “NO WAY!”

What’s sad is that they’re completely right.

You see, for many months I had begun to pay greater attention to the way in which the elected officials, specifically Congress, were operating (not what they believe in as that is easy to see, but how they function… and I use that term lightly) and some hard truths about our system became more clear than ever.

  • They would rather place blame on one another (which is easy) than purposefully work together (which is hard) to solve big problems, or any problems for that matter.
  • The parties have moved to such ideological extremes that they simply can’t collaborate in a meaningful way anymore, and they are only moving further apart.
  • Our representatives are not committed to standing up for all of their constituents.They are putting their party before their people and that is absolutely wrong.
I am a leader who has made a career out of bringing people together to creatively solve problems.

For months I reflected on this and said to myself, “Someone needs to do something about this!” And then I concluded that I am someone who can. In fact, I realized that I have spent a lifetime preparing for this. I am not a politician and that is exactly why I am fit to be your voice in the House of Representatives, “the people’s house” of Congress. I am a leader who has made a career out of bringing people together to creatively solve problems. I am a unifier, not a divider. I heap praise for successes on others and will shoulder the blame for failures. I don’t care who gets credit so long as the best idea wins and progress forward is made.

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I’ve never had political aspirations, and even now as a candidate for office I still don’t. Most politicians are in that business for power or prestige, I’m not. I am compelled by a simultaneous love for my country and all her people, conservatives and progressives alike, as well as a profound concern about how far our system has gotten off track. The stakes are too high for partisan politics to control our system any longer. I am simply a man who cannot sit by any longer and accept that this is the way our democracy was intended to work.

 In short, I am running for Congress because I must.

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