Why so secretive, Lisa Brown?

It has been nearly 2 month since Lisa Brown entered the 5th Congressional race, and anyone who doesn’t know Dr. Brown should be thoroughly confused about what she stands for from the lack of information her website.

3 questions that immediately come to mind for Lisa from her website:

  1. Are you running as a Democrat on their platform, or not? Because it doesn’t say.
  2. What are your Values? Because it doesn't list any.
  3. What positions do you hold on Issues? Because it doesn’t have a single one.
I invite Lisa to be more forthcoming with her platform, because the people of Eastern Washington deserve transparency from the those who are seeking to represent them. Putting up a website highlighting past accomplishments and asking for money is not a sufficient platform.

The other candidates in our Congressional race are clear about what they stand for:

  • You know from Cathy McMorris-Rodgers website that she will side with anything the GOP puts forth (repealing health care, tax cuts for the rich…)

  • Even at just 25 years old, Matthew Sutherland’s website is clear that he is running as a Democrat and he has clearly identified his positions.

  • My own website has my values and issues platform clearly identified, and new information is added to my blog and on Facebook all the time.


So, why hasn’t Lisa Brown done the same, and put forth a clear platform?

Why is she positioning herself as a neutral candidate?

Why so secretive about her legislative positions?


It is clear that omissions this big were done intentionally, and the reason for that is simple. Lisa knows what we all know: In a District as big and conservative as Eastern Washington, no Democrat can flip it “blue”... not even her. That is not a dis on her, it’s just a statement of fact. Even in Spokane County, the most progressive county in our district, Donald Trump got more votes than Hillary Clinton. In all the other counties, it wasn’t even close.

Our only hope for breaking up the partisan gridlock in Congress and moving Eastern Washington forward is to support an Independent candidate who is standing for Country Over Party, and there is only one of those in this race.

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