When an architect creates plans for a new building, they move a brand new idea from the conceptual to the technical. Along the way they create a design plan, a blueprint.

Here is our blueprint of how we are going to make politics work for people again:

  1. Engage Locally - I want to hear from you directly, so everywhere I go I start conversations with a simple question: "What issues are most important to you?" The most ideal scenario we can strive for is to identify and equip two Community Leaders, 1 Conservative and 1 Progressive, in neighborhoods throughout the district, who will work hand-in-hand. Together, they will be responsible for ensuring that all voices within their neighborhood are heard.

  2. Gather Your Input - Create a polling system where every citizen in the district can weigh in on key matters. We are going to collect and record all our citizens inputs and then put them to use.

  3. Set Our Agenda - Using the data collected, we will have a clear picture of what you want our official legislative agenda as a district will be. On the day I take office, January 3, 2019, you will know exactly what items I will take to Washington D.C. to work on your behalf.

  4. Execute with Bipartisanship - Once in D.C., I will work with Republican and Democratic representatives to find co-sponsors that will represent both sides of the aisle. Every single item in our Legislative agenda will be bipartisan in nature, so that it works for all citizens, or it will not go forward.

  5. Transparency and Accountability - Progress will be tracked and posted online which will serve as a means for you to hold me accountable for working on your behalf. Every success and every failure will be known by all.

Imagine if this became a blueprint for all districts across the country. This might sound radical, but it shouldn’t. It’s called Democracy. We’ve become so jaded and disenfranchised that we forgot what it should look like. But it’s time for We The People of Eastern Washington to bring sanity and civility back to politics. You can help our country take the first step back to a government which is truly “of the people, by the people, for the people!”