Eric Agnew: Your Independent Voice For Congress

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Politics are broken

As both major political parties move to further ideological extremes, they have gridlocked our political systems and set America on a dangerous trajectory.

  • 85% of Americans agree that political leaders are more interested in protecting their power than doing what is right for the American people
  • 70% of Americans are dissatisfied with the direction of our country
  • 57% of Americans believe we need an alternative to both major parties

We can fix it

Right here in eastern Washington, We The People can change the course of our country by rededicating ourselves to working together and by choosing authentic leadership. The way to start healing our divides and making progress for our country again is to elect independent officials, ones who will work for your benefit not for a their own. When we chose Country over Party, we can rediscover the unity that formed our United States.

A new direction

"My name is Eric Agnew and I am running for Congress in Washington's 5th District. It is time to go back to the roots of our democracy, when politicians could work together, as well as incorporate innovative new solutions to solve lingering problems.

 Eric Agnew is the Independent Candidate running for Congress in Eastern Washington (WA-05)

Eric Agnew is the Independent Candidate running for Congress in Eastern Washington (WA-05)

There is nothing wrong with being a Conservative or a Progressive, but the partisan politics of our two major parties is ruining our system. As an Independent, I am committed to representing your interests in the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Please join me and together we'll move our country Forward."


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